Pop-Up Hannukah PDX! 12-20-17

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Shalom friends!

Breaking Bread Dinners Series presents the first Pop-Up Hanukkah in PDX. Hosted by chef Clare Gordon and Kristin Spear, this dinner is inspired by Jewish culture to be enjoyed by all.

"The story of Hanukkah has never been more relevant and its message has never felt so needed. Hanukkah celebrates the Jewish people’s emancipation from the Greek-Syrians; it’s the triumph of light over darkness, of freedom over oppression, it’s a story of morality and perseverance and redemption. It calls attention to the power of hope—and during a season that feels so bleak coupled with the added political-apocalyptic state of the United States, it is crucial to be reminded of that." Vogue Magazine

So grab your loved ones and join us in some love and light with candles, wine, traditional Jewish eats and a sort of low-level Jewish gambling with the dreidel and chocolate coins. This night is mean to be shared with people from all cultures. If you are far from home, making new traditions in your tribe or just wondered what really happens on Hanukkah this is for you. 

Buy tickets here: https://eatfeastly.com/meals/d/191217228/pop-up-hanukkah-pdx/?rf=fwebbrowpopu


When: Wednesday, December 20, 2017 at 7 pm

Where: Feastly PDX, 912 SE Hawthorne Blvd. 

Drinks: Mazel Tov Cocktail and wine available for purchase 

Cost: $55 (includes gratuity)

About the hosts...

Clare Gordon is well-versed in the cooking world. Locally she has worked with Ken's Artisan Bakery and Ava Gene's and in Seattle, she has blessed the kitchens at Aragona and Mamnoon. She has traveled around the world learning butchery and various food traditions and happens the be the daughter of Ken Gordon (Kenny and Zuke's) which hosts a wonderful Seder each year. FYI, her latkes and sufganiyot (Israeli doughnuts) are not to be missed!

Kristin Spear has been a wardrobe and set stylist for 25+ years and is the founder of FaithHaus.com- a new retail experience she calls the marketplace for modern faith. Her love of spirituality and the rituals people use in their lives to stay grounded has led to Breaking Bread Dinners. The definition of breaking bread is to share one's assets with another person or group. It promotes peace and affirms trust.  We believe can grow community through the sharing of ritual and food.

*The delicious fare is crafted in the spirit of Jewish culture but will not be kosher. Vegetarian option available. In the event we sell out, please add your name to the waitlist and if a guest cancels we will contact you. Thank you! 

Excited to partner with Feastly. 

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 *Proceeds benefit the Pixie Project- committed to changing the image of a “rescue” or shelter animal. While some animals come to the Pixie Project seeking medical or behavioral attention not accessible in a typical shelter, many Pixie Project “kids” are professionally trained, family friendly pets whose circumstances have left them in need of a new home. http://www.pixieproject.org/

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